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Therapeutic Area

In order to be your best partner in clinical studies, we must have something that you can reply on. For that matter, VCRO has participated in clinical studies of various therapeutic areas since 1997. The list shows the selective therapeutic areas and products where VCRO has gained experience and developed expertise in conducting clinical studies.
Allergy Control Gastroenterology Orthopedics
Anesthesiology Gynecology Otolaryngology
Artificial Organs Immunology Pediatrics
Botanical Medicines Infectious Diseases Pharmacogenomics
Cardiology Medical Imaging Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Chest Metabolism/Endocrinology Psychiatry
Cosmetic Surgery Nephrology Rheumatology
Dentistry Nuclear Medicine Urology
Dermatology Neurology
Diagnostic Oncology  
Emergency Medicine Ophthalmology  
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