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VCRO meet-up: FDA IND submission in cell therapy

UPDATE : 2019/09/25

The topic of cell therapy has been widely discussed in Taiwan in recent years. Many sponsor have invested in the cell therapy area, and more and more related clinical trials have been submitted. VCRO is willing to share nearly 30 cell therapy experiences to our partners, especially the US FDA IND submission. We use this VCRO meet-up to share our FDA IND experiences and our partners can interact with experts through the platform. The participants will be able to understand about the documents required by the US FDA IND submission and the items to be aware of. We believe this VCRO meet-up is quite helpful for the participants. In the future, VCRO will continue to organize the meet-up in different fields, allowing experts/sponsors to have a brainstorming and find new opportunities.

Dr. Chang's sharing

The participants?

VCRO staff  for the meet-up

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