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Clinical Operations

VCRO has almost two decades of experience in employing ICH GCP compliant clinical study services for IND-phase and post-marketing phase IV human research programs. IND project level from multinational, regional to local programs, VCRO all has abundant experience to contribute to the client's clinical development.

With the unique credit of being 100% inspection approval in GCP conduct for all VCRO clinical projects, we are rated as Number 1 CRO by the National Science and Technology Program (NSTP) in year 2004, subsequently responsible for all NSTP clinical programs in GCP monitoring tasks and overall clinical consultation activities. Recognized in a national level has promoted VCRO into a FDA-auditable standard. With strong backups from experienced international collaborator, VCRO is more than ready to service more multinational scale studies.

Quality and efficiency form the foundation that makes VCRO's clinical research services satisfying global standard and fulfilling the needs of multinational and regional pharmaceutical and biotech clients.

Line-up of clinical services Project management

  • Clinical site qualification/selection
  • Clinical fees management
  • Clinical personnel training
  • Investigational product logistics
  • Investigator's meeting
  • Clinical trial agreement negotiation
  • Clinical site initiation
  • GCP monitoring
  • Clinical site close-out
  • GCP auditing
  • SAE/SUSAR management
  • Health authorities' inspection handling
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