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Bio-analytical Laboratory

VCRO has been devoting itself to promote ICH-quality clinical trial for multinational pharmaceutical industries since 1997, and is one of the leading CROs in Taiwan. In order to advance its services for more comprehensive scopes in drug development, VCRO established its bioanalytical laboratory in spring 2002 and opened a new era of the company as a total solution provider from IND Phase I ~ III to post- marketing IV and BA/BE study.

VCRO Bioanalytical Laboratory (BioLab) is a contract laboratory and specializes in providing high quality and speedy bioanalytial services for streamlining the entire drug development. Not only the BioLab analytical competencies are continuing promoted for efficiency and technical capability, but also the management system of the BioLab is constantly insisted to be kept in compliance with international standards, namely, US FDA GLP, OECD GLP and ISO/ICE 17025. VCRO Lab bears the heritage of professional and service quality as part of VCRO family, combining the advantage of decades of clinical experience and state-of-the-art analytical lab setup. It is now unique for pharmaceutical industries’ benefits in terms of all bioanalytical needs form the aspects of quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

VCRO BioLab is your best partner in bioanalytical service. Each and every project undertaken by our experienced and highly trained team is customized to your individual needs. Our team is easily accessible for progress communication throughout all phases of a project from sample receipt to issuance of the final report.
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